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SCV Chief of Heritage Defense
on Spielberg's Movie "Lincoln"


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Recently, we have heard much chatter about the new Spielberg Lincoln movie -- should we see it; should we protest it, etc. Well, the leadership of the SCV doesn't "have a dog in the fight" of your personal movie-going habits. That said, we certainly don't want to enrich the career of one that glorifies such a tyrant -- so, we don't encourage purchasing a ticket, nor do we want to orchestrate formal demonstrations against it, thereby drawing attention to it. In fact, the movie is hurting at the box office, so it is probably better to let the market run its course.

Nonetheless, in any situation, the best course of action is for us to be properly informed. Many of you are familiar with Tom DiLorenzo, an accomplished Lincoln scholar and ally of the SCV, appearing at several S. D. Lee Institutes. He is regularly published on the LewRockwell.Com and produced three pieces referring to the movie. For your edification, they are posted as follows:

More Lincoln Worship

Lincoln The Racist

Lincoln's Greatest Failure

I encourage you to view these documents and pass them on to others -- we might be their only "history book." Also, keep in mind that this movie is a product of money and media power -- we do not fight on that field. Our calling is a consistent appeal to the truth of history given to our communities, person by person, day after day, all throughout the South -- and beyond. We are not overly concerned with a "blip on the screen"; we are in this fight for the long haul.

Gene Hogan
Chief of Heritage Defense
(866) 681 - 7314

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