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Confederate Memorial Day Commemoration


If this flag offends you - you need a history lesson

You Are Cordially Invited to Attend
Confederate Memorial Day Commemoration
Confederate Memorial Circle
Historic Live Oak Cemetery
Selma, Alabama
26 April 2018 - 6:00 PM

Hosted by
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Selma Chapter 53,
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Col. C. C. Pegues Camp 62
The Friends of Forrest, Inc.

We hope that y’all will plan to join us at Confederate Memorial Circle on 26 April 2018 – this is the actual date of the original dedication program of Confederate Memorial Circle on 26 April 1878 and also the anniversary date of the Chartering of Selma Chapter 53, UDC…26 April 1896 and it IS Confederate Memorial Day!! We have lots to celebrate & also to commemorate the lives of those noble Confederate soldiers who fought so valiantly to preserve the Constitutional Republic. Many Selmians answered the call of duty to serve their country…the Confederate States of America! More than 100,000 Alabamians served and more than 30,000 Alabamians paid the ultimate price for FREEDOM!

Mr. Chris McIlwain of Tuscaloosa will be our keynote speaker and this year an extra added delight will be bagpiper, Ms. Melissa Scott, member of the Cradle of the Confederacy UDC in Montgomery! Please come and enjoy this special program with us and go to supper with us after the program at the Tally Ho! We will also feature our Roll Call of Honor …you will have the opportunity to announce your ancestor’s name and we will ring the bell in his memory…this is a very inspirational & auspicious part of our program…our ancestors ARE…NOT “were” our FAMILY and just because they lived many years ago, does not lessen their importance to our families and also to us all for all they sacrificed for succeeding generations…for that one moment in time, his name is spoken out loud for all to hear and for that moment his spirit is brought to the present for us to remember him as an individual & soldier for freedom!

This also will be a great opportunity for you to come and view our work-in-progress at Confederate Memorial Circle. If you bought an ancestor paver this would be an excellent & most appropriate time to come pay homage to your own personal ancestor whom you have honored at the Battle of Selma Memorial! We have installed 13 plaques thus far with one more currently in production; hopefully it will be ready & shipped by April 26. With about 7 more plaques to install, Confederate Memorial Circle will literally be an historic learning center when this project is finished – something for everyone to be proud of regardless of where you live. Confederate Memorial Circle is our profound VICTORY in the South!…not compromise like so many other battles have been & ultimately resulted in defeat…as Gen Patrick Cleburne so predicted about compromise! Historic Live Oak Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country – I have given many tours to people from all over the country, plus France, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, England, Canada…and people are just in awe of Live Oak’s ethereal beauty.

We hope that you will plan to attend our program and please bring your friends & family…and a lawn chair! If you need more information, please contact me at 334-875-1690 or e-mail me at:

Please forward this message to all in your Confederate address book. If you receive this notice more than once, please forgive me & hit delete. If you wish not to receive any more notices from me, please advise & I will delete your address because I have many addresses in my address book that I do not recognize. I apologize in advance for this.

Looking forward to seeing you at Confederate Memorial Circle!

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin, Pres.
Selma Chapter 53, UDC