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Pale Blue Light
by Skip Tucker


Pale Blue Light

Format: Trade Cloth, Hardcover, 392 pages
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-60306-205-3

"Pale Blue Light" is a rare espionage thriller set in the Civil War. Young Rabe Canon leaves his family's Alabama plantation at the start of the Civil War, befriending Major Thomas Jackson of Virginia Military Institute -- later the esteemed Stonewall Jackson. When Jackson suffers a mortal wound at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Canon suspects foul play. Canon undertakes a cross-country journey to discover the truth behind Jackson's death, one that entangles Canon with a beautiful Yankee spy as he tries to avoid capture in gold-rich California. Author Skip Tucker combines historical accuracy with plenty of gunfire and intrigue for an epic, entertaining novel.  

About the Author

Skip Tucker worked for the Jasper (Alabama) Daily Mountain Eagle for ten years as a reporter, editor, and assistant publisher. He became press secretary for George McMillan and then Charlie Graddick in their gubernatorial campaigns and was later deputy press secretary for Governor Jim Folsom. In recent years, he has served as director of Alabama Voters Against Lawsuit Abuse and was media director for Judge Graddick’s 2012 campaign for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
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