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 How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America Alexander Hamilton is the subject of a hit Broadway musical, the face on the ten-dollar bill, and one of the most popular Founding Fathers.

But what do you really know about Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton was no American hero, says author Brion McClanahan. In fact, he spent his life working to make sure citizens and states could not hold the federal government accountable.

His policies set a path for presidents to launch secret and illegal wars. And he wanted to make sure American citizens couldn't do a thing to stop the government's overreach.

Hamilton was a duplicitous man whose personality and ambition led to an America and a Constitution at odds with the one he publicly supported in 1788 and that the American public bought as a result.

This is the real story of Alexander Hamilton. Despite his gift for rhetoric and high reputation as a Founding Father, he was simply not to be trusted, neither then nor now.

In How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, Brion McClanahan examines the dangers of Hamilton's philosophy, introduces readers to heroes and enemies both new and familiar, and-most importantly-explains how we can put power back in the hands of the American people.

"Brion McClanahan is that rarity: a historian who tells the truth. Read his expose of the bird on the ten-dollar bill, Not only will you learn a lot the establishment doesn't want you to know, you'll have fun doing it. Lew Rockwell, founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute


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